Nazca Neo Linka

Enables communication with many machine tools.
You can communicate with two or more machines via networks.

From any PC or any smart device.
It can be operated from a web browser such as Internet Explorer, so it does not choose the terminal.
Enables sending, receiving, and scheduled sending by remote operation in front of a machine without moving to a computer room.

Notice by e-mail at the time of completion of CNC data transmission.
Because even situation can be seen away from the machine, you can work efficiently.

Neo Linka

Operation and non-operation, during processing, abnormal stop, You can see the status of the machine tool.
You can get the machine real-time status by a smart device or a PC.

You can monitor even if factory is away.
To suit your environment, it is also possible to monitoring of multiple locations.

Notice the alarm of machine by e-mail.
You can detect the trouble immediately.


It gets you to see and manage the working situation in your factory.
It also contribute to improve QCD.

It analyzes the working situation of all machines in your factory by showing the operation rate graphically in every condition.

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