Nazca Neo Lathe LT for Android

Creating, simulation, transmitting of CNC data!
Three functions required to CNC lathe machining are all in one.
You can use it anywhere, anytime.

Lathe LT

Creating a CNC data
You can easily create the CNC data without the need to use the CAD / CAM.
You can create 7 types of lathe processing to the created shape.

Simulating CNC data
In automatic simulation, you can check the tool path and the properties such as coordinate. You can also check one block at a time.
Because it shows which block is wrong, you can easily modify the error using our editor.

Transmitting CNC data
With using a dedicated cable, you can communicate with RS232C. Receiving is also possible.
With keeping the communication conditions, you can manage multiple machines on a single terminal.

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